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In the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin mining has become a focal point of interest for enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike. While the process has traditionally been dominated by large-scale mining operations, a new open-source project is breaking barriers and putting the power of Bitcoin mining back into the hands of individuals. Meet Bitaxe, a revolutionary open-source Bitcoin miner project, redefining the landscape of cryptocurrency mining with its small PCB and powerful ESP32S3 and BM1397 ASIC chip.

What is Bitaxe

Bitaxe is a groundbreaking open-source Bitcoin miner project developed by a passionate community of crypto enthusiasts and technologists. At its core, Bitaxe is a small PCB (Printed Circuit Board) designed to accommodate the ESP32S3 microcontroller and the BM1397 ASIC chip manufactured by Bitmain. The BM1397 ASIC chip is a second-hand component that offers impressive mining capabilities, making Bitaxe an appealing option for DIY miners looking to venture into the world of Bitcoin mining.



  • ESP32S3 Microcontroller: The ESP32S3 microcontroller serves as the brain of the Bitaxe miner. Developed by Espressif Systems, the ESP32S3 is renowned for its robust performance, energy efficiency, and Wi-Fi connectivity, providing a seamless user experience.
  • BM1397 ASIC Chip: The BM1397 ASIC chip, produced by Bitmain, is a pivotal component that enables the mining of Bitcoin. With the ability to reach an impressive hash rate of up to 400 GH/s per chip, Bitaxe harnesses the full potential of this ASIC to maximize mining efficiency.
  • PCB: To combine all the necessary parts together it’s needed to have a platform where everything will be connected. A PCB is therefore needed to soder all the parts and connections together to make this project alive.

The Power of Open Source

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Bitaxe project is its open-source nature. By making the design, code, and documentation freely available on the project’s GitHub repository Bitaxe from Skot, the creator of Bitaxe have fostered a collaborative community of developers, miners, and enthusiasts. This open approach allows anyone to examine, modify, and contribute to the project, making it a true community-driven effort.

DIY Appeal

Bitaxe appeals to DIY enthusiasts who relish the challenge of building their own Bitcoin mining hardware. The project provides a fantastic opportunity for individuals to gain insights into the technical intricacies of ASIC mining and delve into the world of cryptocurrencies.

Upcoming Iterations and Versions

While the current version of Bitaxe features a single ASIC chip, the community is actively working on expanding the project’s scope. Future iterations are expected to include multiple ASIC chips on a single PCB, increasing the mining power exponentially. As the project evolves, miners can expect enhanced performance and greater efficiency.


Bitaxe represents a fascinating and empowering initiative that embraces the true spirit of the open-source community. By combining the prowess of the ESP32S3 microcontroller and the BM1397 ASIC chip, this DIY Bitcoin miner enables individuals to partake in Bitcoin mining on a small scale. With its promising performance and continuous development, Bitaxe is an exciting project to follow for anyone interested in the world of cryptocurrency mining.


Before venturing into any Bitcoin mining project, it is essential to consider factors such as electricity costs, hardware expenses, and mining difficulty. The profitability of mining endeavors can vary significantly and is subject to market fluctuations. Always conduct thorough research and exercise caution before investing time and resources into any mining project.

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There are two ways for now how you can get your hands on a almost done prebuild or a completly ready to start Bitaxe Bitcoin Miner.

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